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Recruitment and selection “Failures”

Recruitment and selection “Failures”

Employees are the backbone of any organization and their innovation, productivity and passion are what facilitates success in today’s economy. Talented employees fill leadership roles, create opportunities and build synergetic teams.
At times, organizations fail to realize how each step is interrelated in selecting best and most capable candidates. Some of the common failures have been discussed below:

1) Failure to identify organizational selling points
It is important to put one’s self in the candidate’s shoes while recruiting them. It is necessary to identify the benefits of joining one’s organization and then being able to present the same to the candidates. It becomes the duty of managers to inform the candidates about accomplishments or challenges that can be found in a job, failure to do this will lead to failure in attracting candidates towards your firm.

2) Failure to stay in touch
It is important to stay in touch with the candidates till the recruitment and selection process reaches its end. Failure to do the same might form a wrong image in the mind of candidates as it might indicate lack of interest in going towards the next step and this might lead to loss of a potential candidate.

3) Failures to conduct an effective in-person interview
At times the judgment based on the first impression might be wrong. Shy and introvert candidates might be misjudged due to their reserved behavior whereas extrovert candidates might lead interviewers to focus on personality instead of skills. Therefore, it is important to plan things well in advance. Ensure that the questions formulated will be effective in confirming talent and skills of a candidate and then train your interviewers accordingly to avoid ‘Hiring a wrong person’.

4) Failure to conduct reference check
Reference check must be on the priority list of a recruiter, failure to which leads to gaps in information and leaves a recruiter with no option of comparison. References are important for confirmation of the various skills that candidates offer.

Failures to implement a good recruitment process results in hiring a wrong candidate.




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