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Recruiting Habits of Successful Leaders

Recruiting Habits of Successful Leaders

Recruiting Habits is often said to be company’s first impression and a glimpse of its workplace culture. It is the best opportunity to attract and exciting new talent. Nobody wants to work at a place that is dull and dry. Lifeless job postings fail to attract new talent. Top talent wants to work in an organization that challenges, surprises, excites and understands them. They want to play hard, work hard and feel appreciated.

1. Have a look at your current HR and recruiting practices.
The main focus of successful leaders is usually on current HR and recruiting practices. Every time you plan to hire talented people for your organization, try to reach that person. Focus more on using filtering tools to target the kind of talent you need. Build your reputation the way you want to be perceived by candidates.

Ask yourself questions like:

a) Is your career site design influencing enough?
b) Is your language in employer branding convincing enough?
c) Are you able to engage influencers and brand advocates?
d) Is it appealing and fresh for all generations?

Construct and deconstruct the recruiting process from initial posting to final hiring. Take feedbacks form recent hires, whether they have joined the organization or not and decide where you need to make changes to catch the attention of the talent you need.

2. Make the necessary changes.
The main aim or focus should be to make your company look like a great place to work in people’s mind, including the talent that isn’t looking for job change at the moment. HR and recruitment is a great branding opportunity for a firm and nobody would want to represent one’s company in a misleading way. So every time you consider hiring outside talent to help you develop an integrated or holistic Recruiting Habits process, ask yourself if it is a true reflection of your company. If not, make selective changes to sustain.

3. Engage Your Marketing Talent.
HR and recruiting serves as your initial contact with talent and to make the whole process look more integrated and stronger, it is necessary to have inputs from other departments as well. You are more likely to hire the right talent if you decide to take more suggestions from top talent across your organization in order to make your marketing pitch enticing and intriguing.

4. Social Media.
It is an era of technological advancement and with an increase in the same comes social media in a picture. Social Media plays a great role in helping brands to reach their customers easily especially youngsters who are highly active on such platforms. Not just that, it is considered that while recruiting candidates one should never rely on just one or two sources and that’s where social media comes into the picture. It assists companies to find the right talent on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Therefore most of the organizations have started taking the help of these platforms to recruit fresh talent and to make their online interface user-friendly.
In The End:

Recruiting Habits process of any organization must be a genuine representation of your leadership and workplace culture. Any misrepresentation caused may attract the wrong kind of talent. The focus must be on attracting talent that feels easy and comfortable to work in your culture. Organizations must work hard to make HR and recruit, a reflection of their vision, mission and methods and also must be able to identify and use social media to grasp and communicate with the right talent so that it further results in leadership excellence.




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