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Glocal’s Work Culture

Glocal’s Work Culture

Glocal’s Work Culture

If there’s one thing that defines best-performing companies, it’s not the bottom line – it’s the work culture. Glocal’s work culture is a blend of diversity and inclusivity and, we are proud of our immensely motivated and talented global workforce hailing from diverse cultures and contrasting backgrounds. Our people are our biggest strengths and are the voices and heart of our business. We are people-centric in approach and provide a supportive work culture that nurtures talent and gives room for innovation.

The values we live by:         

Glocal’s work culture adheres to the values that have made us who we are today. They shape our environment, ethics, and decisions, helping us strive to achieve better than what we did yesterday

Glocal Life;

  • Client Value
  • Leading By Example
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness

A great workplace for women

Universally Accessible: that has been our motto, and we cannot deliver on this until our workforce doesn’t reflect diversity and gender neutrality. At Glocal, we believe companies perform better when women are strongly represented at senior levels. We invite you to join us in a company that values gender-diversity, authenticity, and well-being. Connect now: info@glocalrpo.com | +1 646 705 0202

Reimagining Diversity

  • Encouraging to Lead
  • Gender Diversity
  • Culture that Breeds Bravery
  • Purpose-Driven
  • Sence of Community

About Us: Glocal ORPO is an offshore recruiting firm with offices in USA and India. We provide professionally managed virtual recruiters, especially to US-based staffing organizations, and also to those in the UAE, UK, and Australia in general. Learn More: http://www.glocalrpo.com




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