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How can one increase visibility amongst employers/recruiters?

How can one increase visibility amongst employers/recruiters?


So, it’s done. You have decided, you want a job. But, how will you reach out to your recruiters? As they said, “It’s easier said than done”, the decision to start looking for a new job is easy, but the execution is much more complicated. We at Glocal RPO, have created a step-by-step process for you, that gets you visible amongst employers/recruiters.

Get Yourself Together

Ask yourself is your resume up-to date? If not, then this is first thing you need to do. If yes, you need to share it with as many in people in your network as possible to increase your changes of receiving a referral.

In the digital age, you definitely need to have a social media presence so, make sure, you have a shiny presence. Brownie points, if you also have a website.

Figure out the Right Agency

One of the time-tested approaches to finding the right agency is to asking friends who have worked with you in the past for recommendations, HR professionals in your network for a referralor search for ‘recruiters’ or ‘recruiting agencies’ via LinkedIn or Google.

Also, one need to keep checking agency sites to find necessary information on whether they would be able to help. As, one needs to keep in mind that, here one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. There are several agencies which cater to companies from only a specific region or a sector.

Be Brave

Once, you’re done with finding the right agency, be brave to reach out. Since, recruiters are extremely active on LinkedIn their profiles, that means you should take out sometime to research who you are dealing it.

There are two ways to do it. Either send a LinkedIn message or email or the other option to upload your resumes on the agency websites (some agencies provide this feature). This gets you into the company’s candidate management system for future opportunities.

In addition to these, you can also reach out via phone. Although, most industries discourage unsolicited calls, sometimes this may do the job for you.


Have a reminder set to check on recruiters. Sometimes, the process may be dragging so, don’t be afraid to reach out politely to ask for an update. Recruiters, at any time are dealing with thousands of candidates, a little reminder would make sure you don’t get lost in the mix.

As you start applying, you will have positive as well as negative experiences. The right approach is to not take anything personally. One should understand that, things sometime do not fall in place ut one should not stop trying.




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