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Undoubtedly, New York is a global hub for international organizations. With so many industries flourishing across this financially powerful city, businesses in New York have consistent recruitment requirements.

The needs are diversified and change dynamically according to industry standards. A reliable talent acquisition partner can deliver top talent, streamlining the recruitment process. Glocal RPO makes recruitment easier by providing top staffing solutions across New York.


Welcome the New RPO Revolution in New York

Different businesses, different people, different goals.

Every business is unique and needs unique people who can align their careers with its mission. Glocal RPO believes that New York has a pool of some of the best talent globally. What we do is connect the right people to the right companies.
Finding the ‘best-fit’ is Glocal RPO’s edge. That is how we are ushering the new RPO revolution.

Through our tailor-made recruitment solutions and a dedicated, experienced and expert team of recruitment professionals, we help businesses build an exceptional workforce with the city's best resources. We offer professionally managed virtual recruiters, sourcers, business development managers, and job search agents to help your business boost its recruiting productivity at a low cost.

Industry-Specific, Strategic Staffing Solutions

Glocal RPO, one of the leading recruitment process outsourcing companies in New York, provides hiring solutions to meet your specific needs, no matter what industry you belong to. Our clientele includes top businesses from industries like:

  • IT The booming IT industry needs experts from all domains, like JAVA developers, SAP experts, Salesforce specialists, etc. As the demands keep on changing, Glocal RPO has a team of expert IT recruiters from all over New York, who can help you hire the best IT talents from the city.
  • Healthcare Patient care cannot be compromised at any cost. So, equip your health care centers with top-level specialists. Hire the best healthcare professionals in New York with the help of Glocal RPO.
  • Sales & Marketing Important to every business, sales and marketing professionals can help expand your business and reach the target better. To take care of your sales and marketing needs, we ensure that you strengthen your connection in the market by hiring the right talent.
  • Accounting and Finance Accounting and finance experts play a major role in evaluating and growing your business. Our staffing specialists know the market well enough and can provide you with the best recruitment solutions for your organizational needs.

Build an Exceptional Workforce

Glocal RPO is committed to identifying, attracting, onboarding top talent and building strong partnerships with our customers. We do this by offering game-changing talent across industries. Our services cover all your long-term and short-term recruitment goals. We help New York businesses with :

  • End-to-End RPO Solutions From advertising your recruitment needs, sourcing the right candidates and screening the best talents through diligent processes, we can take care of all your recruitment needs as an extended team for your business.
  • Recruitment Technology Consultation Solutions We can help you update your recruitment technology by providing you with the best strategic solutions.
  • Contract-based Hiring Solutions For seasonal, short-term and interim talent mandates, we can connect businesses with suitable candidates on a contract basis.

Whether it is permanent hiring or remote recruitment, Glocal RPO can support businesses end- to-end. We are the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all staffing solutions in New York and USA!


New York Businesses Grow with Glocal

Our expansive network can connect you with proficient and skilled talents of New York, matching specific business needs. Top companies from New York have trusted us as their talent-acquisition partner. More reasons to choose Glocal RPO include:

  • Proud to cater to 300+ staffing companies
  • Working as a strong extended team for Fortune 500 clients
  • Helping employers save up to 50% recruitment cost, time and effort
  • Helping employers save up to 50% recruitment cost, time and effort
  • Results from #day1 We maintain long-term relationships with our clients and swear by a collaborative approach to help them outgrow their competitors.


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